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Welcome to TextRepeater.com

🔁 Repeat text and emojis multiple times.
✅ No account and no hassle to use - it's easy and free!
😲 1 million people from 100+ different countries have repeated text.

Text Repeater is your go-to app for all things repetition. Our process is simple, just add text, repeat, copy, and share! Whether you want to entertain your friends with endless emojis or drop a full-fledged text bomb, our easy-to-use app is here for all your needs. Plus, you get a built-in word and character counter in your input box.

How Does Text Repeater Work?

Our simple web app allows you to endlessly replicate whatever text, emoji, or punctuation you want!

  1. Enter your text into the message box and choose your settings.
  2. Type in how many times you would like your it repeated.
  3. If you want to add order to your repetition to have some order, you can add a space or period in between your text.
  4. If you prefer to start your content on a new line, just tap the Add Line option.
  5. Once ready, you simply hit "Repeat Text" to repeat your text.

Once you have created your desired output, all that’s left to do is send it!

The web app will let you easily send out the newly replicated content. The side menu will allow you to select or copy your text for easy transference. If you want to immediately spam your friends, the side menu also has a WhatsApp option. Here you can output what you’ve created directly through WhatsApp. This will immediately and painlessly send your content to your desired friend or foe.